Hi, I'm Steve! Some of my friends call me Mitch, Scubasteve or Stuntman Steve. 


Last 29 years at a glance

My childhood memories belong to the small seaside town of Withernsea on the East Yorkshire coast. It was a great place to grow but now I've grown I have a hunger to explore the big world we live in. 

I Graduated from the Arden school of theatre, Manchester in 2011 with a BA Honors degree in Musical Theatre Professional stage Practice. Since then I have been a member of a Frankie Valli tribute band (Jersey Boys) which has taken me all over the UK, Ireland and as far as Dubai.  

Spending so much time on the road got me really hooked on photography, frequently visiting areas of the country I hadn't been before. There were endless amounts of photographic opportunities and I'm fortunate that this line of work allowed me to have lots of free time to explore and document my journey. 

Ticking off one country at a time

I travel to at least one different country every year. I love seeing new places & its great for photography as each destination offers endless amounts of photographic opportunities to capture. Its also important to set myself goals which tests my skills and helps me grow as a photographer.  

I'm fully self taught when it comes to photography but I feel this doesn't reflect in the images I produce.I love my job, and its because of people like you that I get to carry on loving what I do. If you like what you see and have an idea for us to work together please drop me a message and lets create some lasting memories together

I play acoustic guitar and occasionally write my own songs. I gather inspiration from real life experiences and significant events in my life. The link below is a clip of a song from my Soundcloud which I wrote about Time.


Another form of photography I really enjoy shooting in my spare time is Astrophotography.


capturing shots with my camera at night is really special, especially on a clear night. tricky to start with but something I taught myself. I always try out new techiques and the pictures below show one effect I love to do.  by adding a little light or even going as far as filling a whisk with wire wool on a dog lead, setting it alight and spinning the lead around multiple times.... This effect can best be seen in the photo below. I'm always testing myself so that when I'm faced with a tricky situation During an assignment I can quickly adjust to the surroundings and refocus.